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happy hanna users

Aroma is AMAZING and it is so rich and absolutely delicious! This hand cream has so much natural product in it so please use it! I was told unused product will break down after 6-8 months. WHO WOULD WAIT THAT LONG?


My mother-in-law loves the Citrus Cocoa Butter hand cream! It is light and has a great scent!


The crush lotion is amazing. Skin on my hands and neck are greatly improving.


I’ve used these creams for years. Keep one by my bedside! I have at least 3 friends that count on getting them from me at Christmas:)


I am a massage therapist and my clients love when I pamper their feet with this luxurious creme. The scents are so fresh and clean. I highly recommend getting some while it is available.


Wonderful creme! I have sensitive skin and this creme is light and has a wonderful light, light scent. My mother loves it too. Her skin is very delicate and this creme moisturizes wonderfully. Only creme she will now use! Me too!

Lisa P

I absolutely love these products! Wonderful handmade cremes that make my hands and feet feel amazing. The fragrances are nice and light too! I highly recommend Homemade by Hanna.

The citrus cocoa butter hand cream is awesome. My hands are very dry from working on cars and it instantly moisturized my hands the first time I used it.


I just started trying this hand creme, but it is doing amazing on my hands, and I only had to use alittle bit. I live in Ohio, so the winter weather is tough on my hands.I love the Citrus Cocoa Butter works wonderful, and smells even better!


I have used this hand Creme from it’s inception and I LOVE it!!! I have to stock up at Christmas and I’m thankful when Johanna makes another batch midyear. In my profession, I wash my hands constantly and this rich, natural, healing hand creme has saved my hands (and feet!) i’ve always loved the peppermint, but I love the new scents that have been added. Luxurious…


I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Homemade by Hanna Mint lotion. It’s wonderful. It makes my skin feel so nice and unbelievably silky smooth. The scent is amazing as well. Not overpowering, it’s just perfection in a bottle.


Love these products and they are so good for you. I used the balm for my pain in my thumb. Loved it . Johanna does such research and puts a lot of excellence in her products. You must try them!!! Much better then chemicals. Go natural!!


I love the citrus cocoa butter hand cream. I find that all of the “Made by Hanna” hand creams are super soft and creamy leaving absolutely no greasy feeling! The 2oz. is a great purse or travel size!


The hand Cream actually hydrated my hands better than any other cream I’ve used. As a chef I’m costantly washing my hands and reapplying lotion to avoid cracking. This is also organic and is safe to work around food with which isn’t an easy thing to find! Of course the ginger smells great too! I’ve also seen it being made, but not into the room. The precautions taken to keep the place they are made in totally sanitary and germ free are amazing! This woman really cares about her client’s! Between that and the items being organic why buy anything else?!


The Homemade by Hanna white ginger hand cream has helped heal and restore my hands. The first time I tried this hand cream, I was amazed at how quickly it absorbed. My hands felt instantly silky and not greesy at all. The fragrance is very pretty as well. The high quality of this product, makes me want to try other Homemade by Hanna products.


I’ve always had a hard time finding a good hand cream until I tried the Citrus Cocoa Butter!! No more looking this is the best hand cream I’m 54 and my hands are in the best shape they’ve been in for a long time! I use everyday and recommend to all my friends!


I received the perfume roller and the lotion as a gift! It was such a nice gift to receive. I love love love the perfume roller with little sparkles on the lid. And the size is perfect to take with me and leave in my purse. They also smell really good, I receive lots of compliments.


Love her hand sanitizer! So light, no drying of your skin and it smells great. Need to order another bottle soon.


I love all of the Homemade by Hana products and have given them as gifts many times! I have an interesting story to share about the essential oil roll-on fragrance! At the height of mosquito season I had a particularly itchy bite…I was away from home, so any type of other remedy wasn’t handy. Digging through my purse, decided that this essential oil may just do the trick; which it did!! Quickly calming the itch, removing the irritation…and it didn’t return! I still love it as a fragrance, but in a pinch can back up as mosquito relief!!


I have been using this creme for many years. I keep it by my bedside and use every night before going to bed. I also keep it in my purse to use at all times. I give it for hostess gifts, teacher gifts, birthday gifts, and any other special occasion you can think of. People love to get it. The fragrances are so different from other cremes which makes it so special. I love this creme!!!


I have been using the hand creme since its inception and it is the only hand creme that does not leave my hands feeling oily, sticky or greasy. I do not like heavy fragrances so these are perfect. Light and wonderful. There are always new products being introduced and I know that they have been tested 100% and made of all natural ingredients. I highly recommend any and all of Homemade by Hanna products